Sunday, September 16, 2007

Carbon Credits: Planktos II The Intervention

Planktos Corp has generated a lot of publicity about it's plans to capture carbon dioxide - by feeding iron to plankton in the Pacific Ocean. Will this technique work? Why are international environment groups set against the project? Can we trust these venture capitalists?

Last week, on Radio Ecoshock, we featured a show-long interview with Planktos CEO Russell George. This week, I interview 3 critics of the company: Dr. David Santillo of the Greenpeace International Science Unit, newspaper stock columnist David Baines, and Pat Mooney of the Ottawa-based group ETC.

My own investigations into the company show a fascinating cast of characters, company name changes, hidden investors - as well as some bright ideas that just might work. This show is packed with strange connections - even to 911 (!) and nuclear fusion.

This version contains no local station ID. You can fit your in at 28 min, 37 sec. And gain an extra 30 seconds by cutting the last half minute from the program. Otherwise, it's all action from start to finish.

Since going to air, Planktos has announced a $2 million dollar mystery investor, who bought in at twice the recent share price. Questions abound.

Alex Smith
Radio Ecoshock

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