Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our Dying Oceans - the New Science

Latest awful science on climate's impact: dead zones, acidification, extinctions.

3 original interviews by Alex Smith, of top scientists, with news from the Boston meeting of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science.

1. From the AAAS in Boston - Ben Halpern has new global maps of ocean damage.

2. the Smithsonian's Nancy Wilson ("Code Red") - super biologist on climate's impact on ocean, new science, and the sad fate of corals.

3. from Norway, Dr. Christian Nellemann, author of UNEP report "In Dead Water" - the frightening warning from the United Nations, that mainstream media in North America ignored.

Plus: a reading from John Timmer, science editor at Ars Technica: the real deal on ocean acidification, in a way we can all understand it.

and - "the new Stern report" from Australia. Prof. Garnaut says we all must cut emissions by 90%, by 2050 - and even then, our chances are only 50-50. Stunning wrap up of new science, since last IPCC, plus projections of the Asian economies, as China, India - and even Vietnam, head toward super-economy status. Australia will take the worst beating from climate change, says this government report.

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