Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gimme Shelter - blog and links you need


How to make buildings that use 10% of current energy needs.

Here is a bonanza of links you want for this Radio Ecoshock special on Passivhaus and Net Zero construction, including two free workshops.

[The full workshop by Guido Wimmers on Passivhaus, held at the Sustainable Building Center in Vancouver, is just over 80 minutes long. You can download the whole recording by Alex Smith of CFRO, here:

Part 1 49 min CD Quality 46 MB or Lo-Fi 11 MB; Part 2 CD Quality 39 MB or Lo-Fi 9 MB

Guido Wimmers Ecoshock interview from 100402 show, 21 min CD Quality 20 MB or Lo-Fi 5 MB

BUILDING SANITY An earlier one hour workshop on super-low energy houses, office & municipal buildings with Dr. Guido Wimmers. Over 12,000 already built in Europe. Reduce Fossil fuel consumption, bills & emissions (!) by 90%. Ecoshock Show 080613

A blog where you can see photos of Austria House, Canada’s first true Passivhaus building. (Takes a minute or two to load all the photos, be patient, wait before scrolling down…)

#2 Jamee DeSimone on Net Zero construction building in Ontario, Canada. Straw bale insulation, sustainable materials. Vancouver 100313 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

Tom Pittsley solar mass windowsvideo page. Tom’s web page.

Another you tube video on passivhaus, this time from
Nabih Tahan, a Berkeley architect, explaining the theory behind a "passive house".

Here is what this show is all about: (READ MORE)


It Takes More Than A Hammer And Nails, Jesse Winchester, Let the Rough Side Drag 1976, 4:33

The House That Dirt Built, The Heavy, The House That Dirt Built, 2009, 18 sec

Building A House, The C.R.S. Players, If You're Happy And You Know It, 2005, 56 sec

Hammer and Nails, The Staples Singers, Freedom Highway, 1965, 2:25

Gimme Shelter, The Rolling Stones, Let It Bleed, 1969, 4:30

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