Friday, March 25, 2011

Heads Up - Prepare for a Japanese Nuke Melt-down

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This is my personal warning: the Japanese reactor disaster appears to be spinning out of control, heading toward Chernobyl levels.

You should have at least two week's worth of water in your home. A month if you can.

There is no way to boil radioactivity out of water. None of us has filters to remove it.

We should try to have a month's food supplies as well. I recommend big bags of rice. It's cheap, and rice is one of the few foods that can be eaten without cooking (soak for 20 minutes and it is edible.)

Add canned goods. Fresh vegetables may become coated with radioactivity IF the worst happens in Japan.

You also need the old standby stuff: duct tape and plastic to seal off doors, stove hood, etc. Flashlight, wind-up radio, garbage bags.

Does that sound too extreme?

I've been watching Japanese English language TV, and following top experts. Even the Japanese authorities admit Fukusima Reactor #3 has a leak in the reactor core, which has flooded into the main building. Three workers stepped in water 10,000 times over radiation limits. I doubt anyone will be able to go back in there, and live.

We are approaching the time when the cement trucks will line up all over Japan, to build a sarcophagus over the reactor, if they can find brave drivers. But that will take time.

News reports today also say that Reactors #1 and #2 have been breached or damaged to the point of leaking from the core. We haven't even talked about the spent fuel cooling ponds, which contain even more radioactivity.

Tiny trace amounts of radiation have now circled the Northern Hemisphere from the Japanese reactors. It has hit the U.S. West coast, passed over that whole continent, landed in Germany, and heading into Russia. We know the winds can carry this stuff.

IF there is a major storm in Japan, or another explosion, very serious radiation, including plutonium, could be carried up into the Jet Stream, and arrive where you live. You would have to stay indoors, until significant rain removes the particles. They could end up on crops or the water supply. And don't go out in that rain.

The water supplies of Tokyo and a large area of Japan near the reactor have already been poisoned with radioactive iodine, beyond levels safe to feed to babies, toddlers, or breast-feeding women, or pregnant women. Bottled water sold out in Tokyo a week ago. It's too late for them to stock up.

It's not too late for you. Our water supplies could be hit. The chances this could still happen are still low, say 20 percent. It has NOT happened yet. But it is possible.

News authorities do not want to panic the public. There is not enough food and water for all of us to stock up.

The official interpretation of radiation, comparing it to "a Chest X-Ray" or "a bottle of beer" is bullshit. For more information on that, read or listen to my interview this week with Dr. Helen Caldicott. That's in the program "The Nuclear Nightmare Continues" at

Heads up. Prepare.

Alex Smith
Radio Ecoshock

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