Thursday, October 11, 2007


New York just experienced their hottest October day - ever. 87 degrees. Environment Canada says the Eastern part of the country is the hottest since record keeping began 150 years ago.
On camera, everybody is loving it! Isn't global warming great!

Meanwhile, scientists flying over the Arctic found a very dirty polar bear. On closer inspection, it was a Grizzly bear. The bears are already moving to the Arctic folks, can we be far behind?

This week's show starts out with radical author and activist Derrick Jensen. He says civilization isn't working, and we need to start dismantling it.

Then we go inside the Rainforest Action Network campaign to stop new coal plant construction in the United States (where 150 new plants are set to be built). RAN is going after the country's two biggest banks, who are financing the coal building binge: Citi Group and Bank of America. Three speakers, including Bill McKibben, a spokesperson from Appalachia, and a church ethical investment expert, add to RAN's work, to stop the madness.

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Coming up next week: Alex reviews the book "Break Through, from the Death of Environmentalism to the Politics of Possibility."

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