Friday, October 26, 2007


Radio Ecoshock Show 071026 (58 min) Review of "Death of Environmentalism" boys, Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus, their new book "Break Through," and the Nathan Cummings Foundation, which pays for this green bashing.

A radio investigation into the cloudy world where hundred of millions of dollars try to reshape society. In this case, we find a small group of lawyers, PR men, and pollsters who want to de-fund environmentalism as we know it. The big polluters' dream, coming not from the far Right, but from a formerly Left-leaning New York foundation.

One of the victims of the author's slash and burn campaign, was Dr. John Terborgh, the world-renowned bird and mammal expert at Duke University, and author of "Requiem for Nature." We talk to him as well.

A full print transcript is available at:

Prodution Notes: find a 1 minute music bed at 29:30 to 30:30 for your station break/ID. Another good insert spot at 41 min. End song is: "Another Day" by Tim O'Brien, from his "Traveler" CD (could be cut if you need more time).


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