Thursday, December 13, 2007


Why is the Arctic Sea becoming an open ocean in summer?

Latest science digest, radio clip on damage to Northern landscape, clips from ice scientists' panel to Congress November 28th, 2007.

Models & IPCC failed to predict this rapid change. Facts behind the headlines.

Includes an update on faster melt of Greenland as well.

Ecoshock show 071214 1 hour 56 MB

Production notes: No station ID's. Insert your own at 00:, 23:04, 30, 45:30. Songs: "Victims of Comfort" Keb' Mo' and "Deafmix" Shane Philip (Canadian). Mix in your own announcements, or cut into last song for more time.

Ready to play as is. No copyright - not time limited (lasting value).

Lo-fi version (14 megabytes) is available at

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