Thursday, December 6, 2007

What A Way to Go

"What A Way to Go, Life at the End of Empire". New film. Interview with film makers Tim Bennet & Sally Erikson on the multiple crisis points, from Peak Oil to climate change, population, etc. Travel through the despair of a "normal" North American, confronting an uneasy future. What to do?

Plus: "Canada's Deadly Secret, Saskatchewan Uranium and the Global Nuclear System." Author Jim Harding on world's biggest supply of uranium. Thirty percent of world's supply, ending up in reactors, waste, DU, and bombs - comes from a little-known Canadian province, of nice people. What you need to know.

Ecoshock show 071207 1 hour 56 MB

Production Notes: Each half hour feature is complete within itself, and can be run as one or two half hour shows.

Two new songs from Celia ( "We'll Always Sing" & "Lovingly Let It Go" No station IDs, music bed and restart at 30 min. Cut from last song if you need time for station ID etc.

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