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SUMMARY: This is the second program from International Permaculture Convergence, in London. Keynote speech by internationally known Geoff Lawton. 3 interviews by Albert Bates: from UK, Andy Goldring of Permaculture Association; from Germany Declan Kennedy; from USA Andrew Millison.Real solutions for the real world. Radio Ecoshock 151028

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Would you like a persistent source of short videos of hope, where people like you generate abundant food working with nature, rather than against her? Just get on Geoff Lawton's mailing list. He's turned me on to permaculture do-ers who have ended up as guests on Radio Ecoshock.

After writing books on permaculture, and teaching literally thousands of students, Lawton is among the few who have designed and guided major eco-restoration projects in many countries, including at the request of governments. In the last few years, he's put out tons of videos (many free) and DVD courses for sale. His videos have made him famous. Here is a list of 200 of his videos on You tube!

So it's fitting that despite a belief in non-hierachical networking, Geoff Lawton give a first keynote speech at the 15th Annual International Permaculture Convergence, held in mid-September 2105, in London.

Here is that talk. Download or listen to this 25 minute presentation by Geoff Lawton (lightly edited for radio) in CD Quality or Lo-Fi

The Lawton presentation came at the International Permaculure Convergence, in mid-September in London. Find more about Geoff at

You can find a whole series of You tube videos of presentations at this Convergence on You tube here.


Next up, Albert Bates interviews the Octagenarian permaculture activist, transplanted from Ireland to Germany, Declan Kennedy.

Wiki tells us:

"Declan Kennedy (born 24 July 1934, in Dublin) is an Irish architect. He was a leader of the Global Ecovillage Network Europe (1995–99), Director of the Permaculture Institute for Europe (1984–89), and Vice President of the Berlin Institute of Technology (1975–78). He has been Professor of Architecture at the TU Berlin since 1972."

Declan Kennedy

Here is Declan's page and bio at Gaia University.

Download or listen to this 5 minute interview by Albert Bates with Declan Kennedy in CD Quality (only)


Albert is the author of books like "The Biochar Solution: Carbon Farming and Climate Change" and "The Post-Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook: Recipes for Changing Times". He is the host of "The Great Change" blog at Bates has lived at the iconic Tennessee intentional community "The Farm" for decades.

While attending the Permaculture Convergence, Albert volunteered to interview some of the top permaculture leaders for Radio Ecoshock. Thank you so much Albert!

If you are attending cool conferences, why not take along a good recording device. Think of all the air miles you've save me - and Radio Ecoshock listeners. Best to check with me first, using the contact form at my web site,, or just write me: radio //at//


Albert's next guest is one of the long-serving leaders and communicators of Permaculture in the United Kingdon. For many years, Andrew/Andy Goldring has been the Co-ordinator and CEO of the Permaculture Association in Britain since 1999.

We find out more in this interview by Albert Bates...

Download or listen to this 13 minute interview by Albert Bates with Andy Goldring in CD Quality or Lo_Fi

Andy Goldring is a driving force toward a greater international organization and wide-spread skill and knowledge sharing.


Albert Bates contributes our last interview, this time with Andrew Millison, from Corvalis, Oregon. Let's get this American perspective on the highs from the 15th International Permaculture Convergence in London, last September. Andrew Millison is a professional permacultural designer working out of Corvalis, Oregon.

Download or listen to this 13 minute interview by Albert Bates with Adrew Millison in CD Quality or Lo-Fi


It's fair to say this world, our times, are suffering from growing pains. As a core project of our civilization and existence, we grow food in unsustainable ways, threatening the future, and destroying nature in the present. I'm convinced. In my little village plot, I have started down the road toward a culture than can last through the ages. What about you?

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Thank you for listening to these alternative voices on Radio Ecoshock. And thank you for caring about our planet.

Next week, I'll be covering some very serious news about the climate, and troubles to come in our developing future. Stay tuned.

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