Thursday, October 18, 2007


The "bad boys" of environmentalism are at it again. PR man Michael Shellenberger and pollster Ted Nordhaus wrote the essay "The Death of Environmentalism" back in 2004. They presented it, like a sneak attack, at a meeting of environmental grant makers.

It got a bit of press, and a lot of Net discussion, so why not whip it into a book?

Maybe because, three years later, environmentalists have gotten over their depression of the Bush election. There is a whole wave of public awareness, and even action, centering around the climate crisis, and mass extinctions. It's almost laughable to bring out this bright boys idea, now.

In this radio program, I interview the authors, Ted and Michael, plus one of their victims, Peggy Shepard of the Harlem environmental justice group, "WE ACT." She ain't so dead.

While attacking the Environmental Justice movement, the "grim reapers" got the story mixed up, and their facts dead wrong. Radio Ecoshock investigates.

Next week, we'll track down who is funding this attack on the environmental movement, from the formerly lefty Nathan Cummings Foundation. This half billion dollar group, and it's environment program director Peter Teague, go under the green microscope. Confirmed Democrats all, are they trying to derail any Green vote?

Get this program first, and tune into real, live environmental radio.

Alex Smith

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