Friday, December 28, 2007



Sir James Lovelock speech to Royal Academy Oct 29th, 2007.

IPCC has underestimated scope & rapidity of global heating.

James Lovelock, the inventor of the Gaia hypothesis, says we are at the beginning of a rapid shift to a hot-state planet. Time to adapt, but billions may die.

One of top speeches of 2007. Required listening.

1 hr 56 MB.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

World Eco News - Plus Bali Climate Conf. Fails

The Bali climate conference revealed the failure of world governments to tackle climate change. Despite the appearance of agreement, the fossil fueled Bush administration, with it's ally Canada, gave up exactly nothing.

There were no agreements on reductions - just an agreement to keep on talking for a few more years.

Listen to the sorry details, as reported by almost a dozen different news organizations, in 5 countries - plus Greens like George Monbiot, and others in Canada, Australia, Germany, America. Some of the classic sound-bytes plus reporting you haven't heard (because mass media doesn't really care that much...)

This show is packed with a lot more: like an update on Planktos algae seeding demise; Polar Cities (Taiwan calling); Uranium protester Donna Dillman; the world food crisis - jam-packed show.

Ecoshock 071221 1 hour 56 MB CD quality. Or LoFi 10 MB

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Thursday, December 13, 2007


Why is the Arctic Sea becoming an open ocean in summer?

Latest science digest, radio clip on damage to Northern landscape, clips from ice scientists' panel to Congress November 28th, 2007.

Models & IPCC failed to predict this rapid change. Facts behind the headlines.

Includes an update on faster melt of Greenland as well.

Ecoshock show 071214 1 hour 56 MB

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

What A Way to Go

"What A Way to Go, Life at the End of Empire". New film. Interview with film makers Tim Bennet & Sally Erikson on the multiple crisis points, from Peak Oil to climate change, population, etc. Travel through the despair of a "normal" North American, confronting an uneasy future. What to do?

Plus: "Canada's Deadly Secret, Saskatchewan Uranium and the Global Nuclear System." Author Jim Harding on world's biggest supply of uranium. Thirty percent of world's supply, ending up in reactors, waste, DU, and bombs - comes from a little-known Canadian province, of nice people. What you need to know.

Ecoshock show 071207 1 hour 56 MB

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Friday, November 30, 2007


NASA scientist James Hansen speech in Texas, Oct 24 2007.

Compares past climate changes to present, saying humans now control the planet. IPCC underestimates, the age of rising seas & melting ice.

In the first half, Hansen explains how the climate system really works, now that scientists have more info. Even ideas from just two years ago are proving inadequate to measure the real speed and impacts of climate change.

In the second part, James Hansen explains several methods of preventing the worst of global warming, to stop the evolution of "a different planet" from the Earth systems we now know.
In just one example, we learn the latest reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change do NOT include ice melt from Greenland or the Antarctic. The data on that melt wasn't prepared in time for the IPCC shut-off date. So, it was left out of sea rise predictions.

The world media has widely disseminated these underestimates, of the true potential for rapid rise of sea levels, in this century. Hansen explains the new science, and how the pair of satellites known as GRACE tell us, for sure, that Greenland and the Antarctic Ice sheets are melting. Parts of both could break off very quickly. We know that, we just don't know when.
The result: not centimeters or inches of sea rise, but more than 20 meters, more than 60 feet, perhaps even hundreds of feet over the coming centuries.

Sea level has been relatively stable for about 7,000 years. Some scientists argue that stability led to the development of rich coastal food systems, which in turn led to the first civilization, and cities. Now half of Americans live close to the coasts. About a billion people around the world would have to move inland, if the seas rise. And they will rise. There is no longer such a thing as "sea level." Our maps, measuring systems, and lives will change.

That's just one detail from this fascinating talk. Another: although sea levels have changed by hundreds of feet, or over a hundred meters, before in history - this process took many thousands of years. Many species went extinct, but others adapted and new ones appeared. But now humans are adding carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas, at a rate 10,000 times faster than any pre-historic event.

We may be heading back to the last previous hot state - the Earth as it was about 55 million years ago. The top British scientists agree, like the Antarctic authority Chris Rapley, and perennial climate scientist James Lovelock, not to mention the UK's Chief Scientist, Sir David King. Hansen says the Bush government isn't getting the message, because of "special interests." Clearly, the context of this speech, he is talking about the oil, gas, and coal industries.

In particular, Hansen calls for a moratorium on new coal plants, anywhere, until carbon capture and storage technology can be applied to them. If we like the planet fit for our civilization, this isn't an optional choice. We just can't afford to burn the dirtiest fossil fuel, much less mess around with tar sands or Rocky Mountain shale.

Hansen has a whole menu of choices we can make to save ourselves. He even thinks the Arctic could still be saved as the cold spot we need for our current climate - if we act now.
The general outlook, his assessment and actions to take. As though addressing Congress or the President.

In my opinion. This is some of the most important radio you will ever hear. I am rebroadcasting a program from TUC Radio in San Franscisco, courtesy of Maria Gilardin - who always comes up with key stories. Be sure and help support this independent journalist!

56 MB 1 hour Ecoshock show 071130.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007


Does the system need to fall to save the climate? Canadian author Ian Angus says 'yes' - the alternatives are Ecosocialism, or barbarism. Classic speech.

First, I interview indie writer Mike Whitney. He explains the current mess, with the falling American dollar and unstable banks. Will there be anything left, for a new energy economy? Maybe consumers will give the planet a break.

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Friday, November 16, 2007


Wildfires stoke the carbon load.

Ecoshock Show 071116 (1 hr)

Interview: Dr. Tom Gower, saying fires in N. Canada make positive feedback; speech by Temperate Rainforest activist Pas Rasumussen - why she is now a climate activist as well. Echoes by Adrien Rheimer of the Wilderness Committee.

New research on the Rockies burning by Lara Kueppers; plus were California fires climate change? And a bit of George Monbiot.

Production Notes: Music bed for Stn IDs from 29:08-30:10, other insert spots at 14:17 & 45:03. Music "Mother Earth" by Shane Philip (Cdn content); "Beds Are Burning" Midnight Oil; "Endless Summer" (Ghostly Penguin Display). Cut up to 2 min from last song if more time needed.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

World Water Crisis

Ecoshock show 071109

Author of 17 books, Maude Barlow on global freshwater crisis, water privatization, bottled crap. Speech in Vancouver 071030.

Plus: Britain's Chief Scientist, Sir David King on serious climate threat.

Oh yes, and a grandmother starving by the side of a road.

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Thursday, November 1, 2007


Ecoshock show 071102 (59 min)

Paul Hawken at the Long Now Foundation, June 8, 2007, on his new book "Blessed Unrest." He finds we are the world's largest undiscovered movement.

Plus Canadian author/activist Maude Barlow's vision of hope, even in the darkest hour. Recorded by Radio Ecoshock October 30th. Her speech on the world water crisis will be in next week's show.

This is a program to inspire.

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Friday, October 26, 2007


Radio Ecoshock Show 071026 (58 min) Review of "Death of Environmentalism" boys, Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus, their new book "Break Through," and the Nathan Cummings Foundation, which pays for this green bashing.

A radio investigation into the cloudy world where hundred of millions of dollars try to reshape society. In this case, we find a small group of lawyers, PR men, and pollsters who want to de-fund environmentalism as we know it. The big polluters' dream, coming not from the far Right, but from a formerly Left-leaning New York foundation.

One of the victims of the author's slash and burn campaign, was Dr. John Terborgh, the world-renowned bird and mammal expert at Duke University, and author of "Requiem for Nature." We talk to him as well.

A full print transcript is available at:

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Thursday, October 18, 2007


The "bad boys" of environmentalism are at it again. PR man Michael Shellenberger and pollster Ted Nordhaus wrote the essay "The Death of Environmentalism" back in 2004. They presented it, like a sneak attack, at a meeting of environmental grant makers.

It got a bit of press, and a lot of Net discussion, so why not whip it into a book?

Maybe because, three years later, environmentalists have gotten over their depression of the Bush election. There is a whole wave of public awareness, and even action, centering around the climate crisis, and mass extinctions. It's almost laughable to bring out this bright boys idea, now.

In this radio program, I interview the authors, Ted and Michael, plus one of their victims, Peggy Shepard of the Harlem environmental justice group, "WE ACT." She ain't so dead.

While attacking the Environmental Justice movement, the "grim reapers" got the story mixed up, and their facts dead wrong. Radio Ecoshock investigates.

Next week, we'll track down who is funding this attack on the environmental movement, from the formerly lefty Nathan Cummings Foundation. This half billion dollar group, and it's environment program director Peter Teague, go under the green microscope. Confirmed Democrats all, are they trying to derail any Green vote?

Get this program first, and tune into real, live environmental radio.

Alex Smith

Thursday, October 11, 2007


New York just experienced their hottest October day - ever. 87 degrees. Environment Canada says the Eastern part of the country is the hottest since record keeping began 150 years ago.
On camera, everybody is loving it! Isn't global warming great!

Meanwhile, scientists flying over the Arctic found a very dirty polar bear. On closer inspection, it was a Grizzly bear. The bears are already moving to the Arctic folks, can we be far behind?

This week's show starts out with radical author and activist Derrick Jensen. He says civilization isn't working, and we need to start dismantling it.

Then we go inside the Rainforest Action Network campaign to stop new coal plant construction in the United States (where 150 new plants are set to be built). RAN is going after the country's two biggest banks, who are financing the coal building binge: Citi Group and Bank of America. Three speakers, including Bill McKibben, a spokesperson from Appalachia, and a church ethical investment expert, add to RAN's work, to stop the madness.

Production Notes for syndicated stations: music - "Disco Inferno" by Earth, Wind & Fire; "Workin' in a Coal Mine" by Lee Dorsey; "Mother Earth" by Shane Philip (Canadian content).
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Coming up next week: Alex reviews the book "Break Through, from the Death of Environmentalism to the Politics of Possibility."

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

We're So Screwed!

Ecoshock Show week of 071005.

Clips from top scientists, authors, even a President, on our serious climate and extinction plight.

Interview with Erik Assadourian of Worldwatch "Window Closing to Prevent Climate Catastrophe".

Clips from Drs. James Lovelock, James Hansen, Michael Oppenheimer, Chris Rapley,

note of T. Friedman column, "Doha and Dalien" (Americanization of the world)

excerpt from speech of Alan Weisman, author of "The World Without Us" (exclusive to Radio Ecoshock)

address of Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, on climate, to UN.

Production notes: Music bed 27:39-28:47 for Stn ID.
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Music: "It's the End of the World As We Know It" by REM, and by Big Blue Sea (Canadian).

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Ecosocialism - North & South

What is "Eco-Socialism?" Does Capitalism have to fall in order to save the planet? And what can replace it?

These are the big questions as the Ecosocialism panel in Vancouver September 21st, recorded by Radio Ecoshock, and presented by SevenOaks online magazine.

The two main speakers are authors Joel Kovel and Hugo Blanco.

Kovel is author of "The Enemy of Nature" (subtitle The End of Capitalism or the End of the World.) Hugo Blanco is a Peruvian indeginous leader, once condemned to death, and author of "Land or Death."

The program begins with an interview with Joel Kovel, plus a key ten minute portion of his speech. The full speech by Joel can be downloaded from the Radio Ecoshock website here.

The second half of the show is the complete speech, with a running English translation by Alicia Barsallo, of Hugo Blanco. It is a fiery and unique vision of environmentalism by peasants, adhering to the Andes Inco vision, before the arrival of the Spanish. You may never hear such a clear explanation of this alternative worldview from the South.

Also available as a separate download is a speech by Canadian Six Nation Indigenous activist Lindsay Blomberry. It's is a passion speech about recent protests and violence at Caledonia, Ontario, Canada.

This show is our first exploration into Ecosocialism. Can Marx be updated with new green clothes? Do we have any alternative than more community building, and government for the common good, facing climate change, peak oil, and a population larger than the food supply?

For rebroadcasters, there is a music bed break between 28:51 and 29:51 to insert you station ID or announcements. As usual you can cut end music if more time needed. The last music is by JoyAAA, a Canadian group, from their album "Too Late to Pray." The song is "Slippin' in Time."

Next week we go to the depths of green despair: all the scientists and pundits who say it is too late to avert climate change. To the bunkers!

Radio Ecoshock

Thursday, September 20, 2007

PLANET WATCH. (Ecoshock Show 070921)

Another packed show, with 3 interviews.

We start out talking with Alan Weisman, author of the NYT Best Seller "The World Without Us." Alan's been everywhere - even on The Today Show, with John Stewart. But I zoomed in on his portrayal of strong climate change in the coming years, decades, and centuries, due to our greenhouse gases. The kind of questions generic radio stations don't ask.

Incidentally, I also recorded Alan's full one hour speech in Vancouver. He generously gave his permission for replay on non-profit college and community radio stations - ONLY. I can't post it on the Net, but if you write me, (radio [at] from your station call letter box, I'll get a copy to you. It is 57 minutes long, with an introduction, all ready for radio.

Then we turn to the problem of security, in a world destabilized by climate change, and other ecological pressures. I was lucky to get an interview with Richard Power. He started out as a tech security Guru, and author of "
Tangled web: Tales of Digital Crime from the Shadows of Cyberspace." His well known blog is at
Find his web site at

Richard and I chat about our sleepy descent into climate refugees, flooded cities, and Hurricane Alley.

Our third guest is New York State Senator Liz Krueger. She has a Bill forward to (finally!) ban styrofoam from the Great State of New York. Oakland and many other cities have done it. Even MacDonalds got rid of Styrofoam, for crying out loud!

All through the show, are short clips - funny and sad - for World Car Free Day.

There are natural openings for station ID's at: 14:40, 39:26, and 52:27
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Or just burn it and play it - the show runs 59 minutes, 27 seconds.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Carbon Credits: Planktos II The Intervention

Planktos Corp has generated a lot of publicity about it's plans to capture carbon dioxide - by feeding iron to plankton in the Pacific Ocean. Will this technique work? Why are international environment groups set against the project? Can we trust these venture capitalists?

Last week, on Radio Ecoshock, we featured a show-long interview with Planktos CEO Russell George. This week, I interview 3 critics of the company: Dr. David Santillo of the Greenpeace International Science Unit, newspaper stock columnist David Baines, and Pat Mooney of the Ottawa-based group ETC.

My own investigations into the company show a fascinating cast of characters, company name changes, hidden investors - as well as some bright ideas that just might work. This show is packed with strange connections - even to 911 (!) and nuclear fusion.

This version contains no local station ID. You can fit your in at 28 min, 37 sec. And gain an extra 30 seconds by cutting the last half minute from the program. Otherwise, it's all action from start to finish.

Since going to air, Planktos has announced a $2 million dollar mystery investor, who bought in at twice the recent share price. Questions abound.

Alex Smith
Radio Ecoshock

Saturday, September 8, 2007


Are carbon off-sets the way to go? When we buy them, or big polluting companies announce they are "carbon neutral" - is it true?

This week we begin a look at one of the best-known "green" carbon offset companies, Planktos. Their CEO, Russell George, is a genius at getting world attention for his projects. Recently, the Vatican announced they were accepting a donation of offsets from Planktos. The Chicago Green Festival also told attendees that carbon created by motoring there was taken care of, by Planktos.

But so far, the company has not saved any carbon from the atmosphere. Their two projects, to plant trees in Hungary, and to dump iron into the Pacific, to "grow" plankton, have not yet begun.

The most controversial project, giving the company it's name, is to stimulate plankton blooms by adding iron. Theoretically, the plankton will use up carbon dioxide from the air, and some of it will settle to the ocean bottom, as these tiny lifeforms, or the things that eat them, die. So far, it's still a theory, but Planktos want's the opportunity to prove it works. They've purchased a former US Research Vessel, the Weatherbird II, to ferry the iron filings, and the scientists, past the Galapagos Islands in the South Pacific.

In this first of two programs on the company, CEO Russ George is interviewed by Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock. We hear about the sad state of the oceans, which George claims are in crisis at the bottom of the food chain. In fact, you can learn a lot from Russ George.

We ask some tough questions, posed by his critics, including major environmental groups.

This show has a one minute music break at the 29 minute mark. Re-broadcasters with a live operator can pull down the music to insert their own Station ID. Also, the end music of 2 minutes can be cut to allow more time for local announcements. There is no other station ID in the show.

Those with automated systems can just play the one hour show straight through.

Look for the second part of this series, Planktos II, next week. We'll interview stock watcher David Baines, Pat Mooney of the ETC Group, and more.

Alex Smith
Radio Ecoshock

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Peak Oil/Climate Panel - 070831

On August 15th, there was a special screening of Gregory Greene's new movie "Escape from Suburbia." After the show, the packed house heard a panel of 6 very different experts on the related problems of Peak Oil and climate change.

That panel takes up this whole Radio Ecoshock show for August 31st, 2007.

As usual, there is music at the end that can be deleted to make room for your station announcements. There are no other station ID's in this program.

Alex Smith
Radio Ecoshock