Friday, December 28, 2007



Sir James Lovelock speech to Royal Academy Oct 29th, 2007.

IPCC has underestimated scope & rapidity of global heating.

James Lovelock, the inventor of the Gaia hypothesis, says we are at the beginning of a rapid shift to a hot-state planet. Time to adapt, but billions may die.

One of top speeches of 2007. Required listening.

1 hr 56 MB.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

World Eco News - Plus Bali Climate Conf. Fails

The Bali climate conference revealed the failure of world governments to tackle climate change. Despite the appearance of agreement, the fossil fueled Bush administration, with it's ally Canada, gave up exactly nothing.

There were no agreements on reductions - just an agreement to keep on talking for a few more years.

Listen to the sorry details, as reported by almost a dozen different news organizations, in 5 countries - plus Greens like George Monbiot, and others in Canada, Australia, Germany, America. Some of the classic sound-bytes plus reporting you haven't heard (because mass media doesn't really care that much...)

This show is packed with a lot more: like an update on Planktos algae seeding demise; Polar Cities (Taiwan calling); Uranium protester Donna Dillman; the world food crisis - jam-packed show.

Ecoshock 071221 1 hour 56 MB CD quality. Or LoFi 10 MB

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Thursday, December 13, 2007


Why is the Arctic Sea becoming an open ocean in summer?

Latest science digest, radio clip on damage to Northern landscape, clips from ice scientists' panel to Congress November 28th, 2007.

Models & IPCC failed to predict this rapid change. Facts behind the headlines.

Includes an update on faster melt of Greenland as well.

Ecoshock show 071214 1 hour 56 MB

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

What A Way to Go

"What A Way to Go, Life at the End of Empire". New film. Interview with film makers Tim Bennet & Sally Erikson on the multiple crisis points, from Peak Oil to climate change, population, etc. Travel through the despair of a "normal" North American, confronting an uneasy future. What to do?

Plus: "Canada's Deadly Secret, Saskatchewan Uranium and the Global Nuclear System." Author Jim Harding on world's biggest supply of uranium. Thirty percent of world's supply, ending up in reactors, waste, DU, and bombs - comes from a little-known Canadian province, of nice people. What you need to know.

Ecoshock show 071207 1 hour 56 MB

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