Thursday, April 17, 2008


Why can't we kick the habit?

Interview w. psychologist Bruce Alexander, author of the upcoming book "Globalized Addiction". Bruce is a professor emeritus at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. He has worked with heavy drug addicts in the poorest part of town - but finds we are all increasingly addicted, to a lot of things, in the consumer society. We point to the junkie, while developing the same addictive habits, and brain reactions, as we over-spend on things we don't need.

Alexander won a prize for controversy, with his work.

We run a clip from Nate Hagens at ASPO (why we don't react to Peak Oil). Nate believes the rational brain has not yet conquered our earlier reptilian brains. Actually, he bases this on neuroscience, rather than any kooky idea. So we "know" oil may run out, or the climate may be wrecked, but are programed to choose reward now, over any future consideration.

Nate was previously a big time investor, before becoming an energy analyst. He is a co-editor at the popular web site The Oil Drum (

Plus clips on addiction and hope from Dr. Gabor Mate, Terry Tamminen. Terry was Gov Schwarzenegger's green adviser, and published a book on oil addiction, called "Lives Per Gallon". His full book tour speech is on our site, at

Tim Flannery, author of "The Weathermakers" explains new plan to replace gas burning cars in Denmark with wind-powered electric. Even re-charging parking spots and battery exchange stations. We offer the full speech at our site.

Plus new quotes from Al Gore, from his April 2008 presentation at TED.

Plus an original radio play: "Ecovention"- a parody of the A & E addiction program "Intervention". They cover addiction to drugs, eating disorders, alcohol - but we think oil addiction needs its own show too...the drama, the tears, of kicking the oil habit.

Ecoshock Show 080418 1 hour CD quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

Production notes: song "Addicted to Oil" by Bruce Kerr. Cut last two minutes of music if time needed for announcements or station ID's.

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