Thursday, October 21, 2010

Legacy: David Suzuki

This week on Radio Ecoshock, we are listening to a speech by famous geneticist, broadcaster, and author David Suzuki. For almost 50 years, he hosted the Canadian Broadcasting TV show "The Nature of Things", published 40 books, won awards. This is his "legacy" speech - before the release of a biographical film "David Suzuki - Force of Nature," at the Toronto Film Festival.

This talk was recorded by Alex Smith, at a standing room only auditorium at the Kitsilano High School, Vancouver, on September 17th, 2010. Dr. Suzuki tries to place humans in proper perspective, in the real world. I think you are going to learn, and like it.

Suzuki takes us back 4 billion years, as time travelers, to see how we would do without the services provided by the web of life. We don't last long.

Then he examines how our cultural lens - shapes our vision of Nature. Contrary to all previous humans, and continuing aboriginal societies, OUR myth is that all the other living things are "commodities" that we can use, abuse, or kill off at will. That could be our death myth.

But I won't try to put words in the mouth of Canada's most famous environmentalist, and a master communicator. I've heard David Suzuki before. This speech moved me more than any other. It is, as he says, his legacy. Please, take in the wisdom for yourself.

Dr. Suzuki went on to say his real legacy may be his children - all environmentalists - and the David Suzuki Foundation - which has been very active in many environmental problems, especially climate change. Find out how you can help, at

Our close-out music for the show was "350 Getdown" by May Earlwine - from the web site.

Thanks for joining us again this week.

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