Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Program Alert

This is a message for radio stations and listeners who receive the Radio Ecoshock Show by thie hi-fi podcast stream.

I'm Alex Smith.

You should have already received our four new programs for the month of July.

They are: Kill the Car, The Myth of Industrial Forests, Oil and Coal - How Much Left, and The Machinery of Climate Denial.

If you missed any of those, in a minute I'll tell you where to download them.

While I am on vacation, Radio Ecoshock is offering 4 replay programs for the month of August. These are the most downloaded shows from the past year - a kind of listeners' choice.

Those titles are:

Beyond the Tipping Point

Legacy: David Suzuki

Growing Sane - Local Food


Transition - the West Coast Scene.

These programs are not time limited, you could run them in any order.

Download any of the July or August programs from our radio support page at:

Just select the programs you want, either as a full one hour program in CD Quality, or as two 29 minute segments in CD Quality, and download.

I will be out of email contact until the third week of August.

Thank you, and I'll be back for another whole new season of Radio Ecoshock starting August 31st.


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