Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Facing the Harsh Realities of Now

SUMMARY: David Wasdell, head of the Apollo-Gaia Project, returns to Radio Ecoshock with devastating revelations about how climate science has been manipulated or ignored by the IPCC, and by the leaders meeting in Paris. We are committed to far more than 2 degrees of warming. A vastly changed world awaits. Radio Ecoshock 151118.

Are you ready for the harsh reality of our future in a hotter world? Can any of us really handle the truth? If you feel strong enough, this may be the most devastating look into where we really stand. Perhaps you remember UK writer Mark Lynas stunning us with the awful changes on Earth if we warm by 5 degrees Centigrade. We may not survive six.

Many hope the climate talks in Paris can reach an agreement that will save a livable climate, keeping global warming below 2 degrees C. But what if the national leaders are just players on a stage of illusion? What if someone told you our current levels of greenhouse gases already commit us to more than 6 degrees of global warming, and over 12 meters, over 36 feet higher sea levels? And that may not be the worst of it.

I'm Alex Smith with a remarkable interview from London. This is Radio Ecoshock, radio you need to hear. Download or listen to this Radio Ecoshock show in CD Quality (56 MB) or Lo-Fi (14 MB)

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Last week, a couple of dozen people stepped up to help Radio Ecoshock keep going. There is no secret foundation paying for this program. Nobody pays me for the 40 hours I put in each week to get this critical information out to you, and to the world.

I know some previous green programs, excellent programs with seasoned hosts, had to go off the air due to lack of funding. Usually there was at least one program director on staff, who helped line up guests, and perhaps another doing all the research needed. When people couldn't get paid, those shows closed up.

Knowing there would never be a commercial market for deep eco-truth, I set up Radio Ecoshock ten years ago on the barest budget possible. There is no staff. I do it all. We don't have the overhead of a non-profit society (with high administration costs). There is no fund-raising department. This is it, and you are the co-owners of the program, when you sign up for the $10 a month membership, or make a donation of any amount.

Frankly, a few weeks ago, I felt like giving up. Not because of money, which is always low, but because for the past 10 years our expert guest explained why urgent action is needed. Instead, emissions just went up and up, and our natural environment continues to degrade.

But we can't give up, can we? This is the only world for us, for our descendants, for all the marvellous creatures living on Earth.

I'm re-committing to another year of Radio Ecoshock. I hope you'll join me, to help pay for this project. Check out your options on this page. Thank you.


This is a very intense program, with lots of science, clearly expressed for all of us.

David Wasdell

In order to help everyone, here is a ".pdf" rough transcript of this program, including all the science David lays out. Please feel free to dive in for yourself, add you comments to this blog, and forward both the program and the .pdf transcript as widely as possible. Just copy and paste this address in your browser.


Or download it to your computer.

David's full presentation online is called: "Climate Dynamics: Facing the Harsh Realities of Now

Climate Sensitivity, Target Temperature & the Carbon Budget: Guidelines for Strategic Action"

It's simple. Go to this page at apollo-gaia.org.

If you click on the headshot of David Wasdell, you will get a video, 1 hour 16 minutes long, as David explains where we are right now in the climate, and where we are going. It has graphs that make it seem simple, even though he deals with cutting-edge science. If this recorded video conference seems to stop and start, it's likely you are trying in a period of heavy internet use. Try again at a time when fewer people are on the net.

Of course, one of the benefits of my full-length radio interview of David, is that anyone in the world can download or listen to it. People in countries with low-bandwidth, or poor access, should choose the "Lo-Fi" version, which is ten percent the size of the CD Quality broadcast. That's also a good choice if you want to listen online. Or use the soundcloud version here. Soundcloud usually plays well with no interruptions.

If you prefer the print approach, click on the title slide to the right of David's picture. That leads you to the .pdf text to accompany the video, with a full explanation.

Wasdell has gone to great length to make this deep science available to all of us. It's a critical mission. We cannot allow ourselves, or our leaders, to continue using "convenient" science, instead of facing the harsh realities.

All I can tell you is that I've heard from over 100 previous scientists interviewed on Radio Ecoshock - the evidence that David Wasdell adds up for us in this talk. It's sobering, depressing, and maybe yes, liberating. We can only go forward when we know where we are right now.

Please help this message get out widely. Share David's video link, this program, your own thoughts and activism. Giving up is not an option.

I'm your dedicated friend, Alex Smith. My thanks to all those who reached out to support Radio Ecoshock this week, who Tweet and Facebook further than I can. Please don't leave support for this program to "others".

Thank you for being brave enough to listen, and let's meet again next week.

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