Friday, September 28, 2007

Ecosocialism - North & South

What is "Eco-Socialism?" Does Capitalism have to fall in order to save the planet? And what can replace it?

These are the big questions as the Ecosocialism panel in Vancouver September 21st, recorded by Radio Ecoshock, and presented by SevenOaks online magazine.

The two main speakers are authors Joel Kovel and Hugo Blanco.

Kovel is author of "The Enemy of Nature" (subtitle The End of Capitalism or the End of the World.) Hugo Blanco is a Peruvian indeginous leader, once condemned to death, and author of "Land or Death."

The program begins with an interview with Joel Kovel, plus a key ten minute portion of his speech. The full speech by Joel can be downloaded from the Radio Ecoshock website here.

The second half of the show is the complete speech, with a running English translation by Alicia Barsallo, of Hugo Blanco. It is a fiery and unique vision of environmentalism by peasants, adhering to the Andes Inco vision, before the arrival of the Spanish. You may never hear such a clear explanation of this alternative worldview from the South.

Also available as a separate download is a speech by Canadian Six Nation Indigenous activist Lindsay Blomberry. It's is a passion speech about recent protests and violence at Caledonia, Ontario, Canada.

This show is our first exploration into Ecosocialism. Can Marx be updated with new green clothes? Do we have any alternative than more community building, and government for the common good, facing climate change, peak oil, and a population larger than the food supply?

For rebroadcasters, there is a music bed break between 28:51 and 29:51 to insert you station ID or announcements. As usual you can cut end music if more time needed. The last music is by JoyAAA, a Canadian group, from their album "Too Late to Pray." The song is "Slippin' in Time."

Next week we go to the depths of green despair: all the scientists and pundits who say it is too late to avert climate change. To the bunkers!

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