Thursday, September 20, 2007

PLANET WATCH. (Ecoshock Show 070921)

Another packed show, with 3 interviews.

We start out talking with Alan Weisman, author of the NYT Best Seller "The World Without Us." Alan's been everywhere - even on The Today Show, with John Stewart. But I zoomed in on his portrayal of strong climate change in the coming years, decades, and centuries, due to our greenhouse gases. The kind of questions generic radio stations don't ask.

Incidentally, I also recorded Alan's full one hour speech in Vancouver. He generously gave his permission for replay on non-profit college and community radio stations - ONLY. I can't post it on the Net, but if you write me, (radio [at] from your station call letter box, I'll get a copy to you. It is 57 minutes long, with an introduction, all ready for radio.

Then we turn to the problem of security, in a world destabilized by climate change, and other ecological pressures. I was lucky to get an interview with Richard Power. He started out as a tech security Guru, and author of "
Tangled web: Tales of Digital Crime from the Shadows of Cyberspace." His well known blog is at
Find his web site at

Richard and I chat about our sleepy descent into climate refugees, flooded cities, and Hurricane Alley.

Our third guest is New York State Senator Liz Krueger. She has a Bill forward to (finally!) ban styrofoam from the Great State of New York. Oakland and many other cities have done it. Even MacDonalds got rid of Styrofoam, for crying out loud!

All through the show, are short clips - funny and sad - for World Car Free Day.

There are natural openings for station ID's at: 14:40, 39:26, and 52:27
And/Or cut the three minute song from the end, to create more time for your own station announcements.
Or just burn it and play it - the show runs 59 minutes, 27 seconds.


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