Thursday, June 5, 2008


Buildings emit 48% of fossil CO2 killing the climate. Much more dangerous than cars - but why don't we talk about it, much less act?

Six voices on cities
, "eco-density," green architecture, and city fascism.

Professor Anthony Perle, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. Co-author of "Transport Revolutions"

Richard Register, long-time eco-city planner and leader in "Ecotechture"

Larry Franks, University of British Columbia Professor, widely published researcher into development of American and Canadian cities

Sir Norman Foster, grand old man, pioneer of green techniques in Britain and the world. Speaking at Munich DLD conference, January 2007. But how green is he really?

Derrick Jensen, deep green critic, author of "End Game" and more.

Guido Wimmers. From Austria, expert on "Passivhaus" super low-energy buildings. Next week's feature guest on Radio Ecoshock.

Is the global stampede to cities sustainable - or just a bubble? Hard info on Israeli electric cars & why suburbs make people fat.

The Radio Ecoshock Show 080606 1 hour
CD quality (56) MB or Lo-Fi (14 MB)

Production Notes: 30 sec music bed for station ID at 30 min.

New music: "Dirty Town" by Vancouver group "Mother Mother" (Canadian content)

Richard Register clip from KCSB Radio, Santa Barbara;

Norman Foster from Munich DLD Conf Munich 2007. See the full clip (with slides of inspiring buildings) at

All else recorded by Alex Smith.

Beatles end clip "Get Back" from new "Love" album.

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