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Dmitry Orlov interview. Author of Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Example and American Prospects." Orlov compares end of Soviet & American empires.

His advice for Presidential candidates, as oil era ends is priceless. Hear about "The Collapse Party" platform....

We run a clip from the Minneapolis National Conference on Media Reform (Professor Lawrence Lessig of Stanford on how media sows doubt on global warming, which doesn't exist in climate science...) Then I reference two hours of key speeches from that Conference, available in program number 415 of the underground series "Unwelcome Guests" by Lynn Gary. Find that at the busy website

Search by producer "Unwelcome Guests" - but be warned, the site can be too busy to respond well during peak hours. Go in off-peak hours to get your Media Reform files. radio4all is the backbone for distributing radio works by independent producers - including Radio Ecoshock.

Also: Animal rights & global warming: Anthony Marr interview. Anthony runs "HOPE" which stands for "Heal Our Planet Earth". He's been a long time activist on everything from Tigers to biodiversity of the Amazon, and the abuse of farm animals in agribusiness.

Anthony came to the realization that climate change will wipe out more species, faster, than pharmaceutical testing could ever dream of. Animal rights activists need to get on board fighting climate change - but will they?

I hope so, just as I'm sick of seeing all the coverage about climate impacts on humans. As though we aren't going through a mass extinction event. As though animal's lives don't really matter to the animals themselves. As though all the creatures don't have an inherent right to live on this planet too.

Amory Lovins tells government that Nukes are no answer to climate change. Our 6 minute clip is from Lovin's testimony to Congress, at the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming on March 12th, 2008. It's been a long time since I've heard such a devastating put-down of the nuclear power illusion, in just a few minutes.

I wont' try and summarize what he said - listen in.

Check out some other really interesting testimony to the Committee, with some video, at:

Alex on oil company Net trolls. I was reading a suggestion in Grist that the recent one in 500 year, never seen before, floods in the Mid West might actually be related to climate change. Then the writer gets pounded in the comments - with a pseudo scientific explanation by "Ralph". Ralph says the climate is cooling, and Brad is just a tool.

I always wonder who those trolls really are. Checking out "Ralph" I find Ralph Hansen PHD.
It turns out Ralph is "gainfully employed in the energy industry." What a surprise.

Then I start thinking about all the "independent" military hacks that appeared on TV, really still employed by the Pentagon, as propagandists. Do you suppose that Exxon/Mobil, with $40 billion profits, and other big oil companies (not to mention PR companies hired by the Saudi's) - just might spend a few bucks on blog sites, and a thousand blog commenters like Ralph?

This might explain why any climate science posted on the Net is immediately hit with a torrent of bricks and boos. A newcomer to the Net might think the American public HATES the idea of climate change, or any plan to do something about it.

Funny, real public opinion polls show just the opposite. People are concerned about climate change, and want to save the climate.

We've known the mainstream media, following the lead of the Bush Administration, has long been a force for climate denial and befuddlement. But don't underestimate the psychological operations and paid hacks on the Net as well. It's all propaganda, new and old.

Speaking of mainstream, Discovery Channel has launched a 24 hour "green" themed channel. find it at

I was a little horrified to see green decorating tips, as the world goes down, but it's a step in the right direction?

How about ABC News bringing out a new special for this September on the possible collapse of civilization due to climate change and other pressures? You can even contribute to the program, and game the end of civilization!!! (at

Their trailer is about as scary as anything I can produce. Is Radio Ecoshock about to be put out of business by Disney's ABC? Don't hold your breath waiting for that. I notice their news program still depends on a 50/50 toxic mix of drugs ads and car/truck/SUV ads. Hardly the stuff of the new age.

Add it all up, and here you go, The Radio Ecoshock Show for June 20th, 2008. Crisis radio.

Alex Smith - your host.

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Production Notes: Check out this stinging social song "We Can't Make It Here Anymore" by James McMurty. We take the time to play the whole thing. Best I've heard in a while, almost a country Dylan, back when Dylan had something to say.

Insert quick station ID over music at 29:03 if needed. Or cut into song if you need more.

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